Mara Giving Up On “Dragon Tattoo” Sequel

Sony has shown it is in now hurry to adapt the subsequent novels in Stieg Larsson’s Millennium series which began with “The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo”.

The cold fact is David Fincher’s U.S. film adaptation of the property, with its $90 million budget and coming a year after the more cost effective Swedish film adaptation won awards and made a mint overseas, just didn’t do enough business. Five years on, the chances of Lisbeth Salander’s subsequent tales getting the Fincher treatment seem remote at best.

Late last year came talk that Sony had come up with a new idea – adapt the standalone fourth book “The Girl in the Spider’s Web” first and potentially recast all the roles to make a cheaper version. If it worked they would then go about adapting the second and third which are essentially a two-part tale. Steven Knight (“Locke,” “Eastern Promises”) was brought in to pen the script, and at the time ‘Dragon Tattoo’ actress Rooney Mara declared that she was still Lisbeth Salander until she heard otherwise.

Mara has always seemed to be keen to reprise the role and has been optimistic about the possibility in the past. Sadly it seems that optimism is understandably waining. She was asked about potentially returning to the role by Screen this week and simply said: “Yes, I’m still open to it but I’m not holding out hope any more.”

After Noomi Rapace’s international stardom exploded from taking on the role in the Swedish language versions, many were wondering if the then little known Mara was up to the task. Not only was she good enough, she brought a quite different interpretation of the iconic character that was every bit as vital and relevant – and one that earned her an Oscar nomination in the process.

Since the rumors of the ‘Spider’s Web’ adaptation last year, there’s been no further word from Sony on the status of further adaptations of the Millennium novels.