Mads Mikkelsen Wants To Do A Zombie Film

He’s done comedies, spy thrillers, intense dramas, wild fantasies, flashy sci-fi and tasteful horror, but there’s one genre the great Mads Mikkelsen has yet to tackle and he’s keen to get the word out – a zombie film.

Asked if there’s a genre he still really wants to get into by Birth Movies Death this weekend, he’s keen to do it – no matter what speed the undead move at:

“Zombies. I love zombies. I do love watching Walking Dead. I do. There’s something so fascinating, where when the zombies are moving sufficiently slowly, you actually want to live in that world, you know? Because you can just f–king chop the s–t out of them.

But you should always be aware! Don’t get too close up! Because that’s when (Mads mimes biting someone’s neck as a zombie) that’s when they come. They are quite fascinating, the fast ones. Like World War Z. But it’s also too scary, man (laughs). That’s too fast for me. I wouldn’t stand a chance.”

Sadly there’s no zombie films currently on the horizon for the actor. He will be seen later this month in “Rogue One: A Star Wars Story” and his performance in Hideo Kojima’s “Death Stranding” video game was glimpsed this week in a new trailer.