“Kong: Skull Island” Pays Tribute To Coppola

The upcoming “Kong: Skull Island” has taken the comparisons of its trailer to “Apocalypse Now” to heart with the new IMAX poster serving as a direct tribute to filmmaker Francis Ford Coppola’s 1979 Vietnam war epic.

The new ‘Kong,’ directed by Jordan Vogt-Roberts, is set during the 1970s with Tom Hiddleston as a one-time tracker for the British SAS who joins Samuel L. Jackson’s military leader, and John Goodman’s greedy explorer on a quest to an isolated South Pacific island where magic and science seem to meld.

John C. Reilly plays an American who has already been stranded on the island for a long time and effectively serves as a comic-relief version of Dennis Hopper’s “Apocalypse Now” character. Brie Larson also stars in “Kong: Skull Island” which hits cinemas on March 10th.