Jarmusch: “Twin Peaks” Best U.S. Film Of Decade

Jarmusch Twin Peaks Best Us Film Of Decade

Out doing promotional rounds for his zombie movie “The Dead Don’t Die,” celebrated auteur Jim Jarmusch was asked by Vulture about his thoughts on the best modern films.

Interestingly he cites David Lynch’s eighteen-episode Showtime series “Twin Peaks: The Return” as the single best piece of American cinema over the last decade.

Lynch wrote it as a single film script but ultimately turned it into an event series and this led to more than a few critics and prestigious cineaste publications including it high in their top films of 2017 list. Of Lynch’s widely sprawling masterpiece, Jarmusch says:

“Oh, the best of American cinema of the last decade, probably, for me, is ‘Twin Peaks: The Return,’ an 18-hour film that is incomprehensible and dreamlike in the most beautiful, adventurous way. That is a masterpiece. Why can’t they just give David Lynch whatever money he needs? Why can’t you give Terry Gilliam? He needs money to make something; just give it to him! I don’t understand.”

“Twin Peaks: The Return” also recently placed #17 on World of Reel’s decade list which surveyed over 200 film critics. Lynch has yet to announce a follow-up project.