Heavenly Poster For “Once Upon a Deadpool”

Heavenly Poster For Once Upon A Deadpool

20th Century Fox has released a new heavenly poster for Deadpool 2’s upcoming family-friendly and PG-13 cut titled “Once Upon a Deadpool”. The Merc with a Mouth is god alongside Fred Savage and some other angels in the artwork.

There’s new footage in the form of a framing sequence in the revamped film which Ryan Reynolds and writers Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick devised for the project. Savage will reprise his role from “The Princess Bride” in the new framing sequence alongside Reynold’s Deadpool.

Eight scenes were filmed for the new footage in the upcoming project. Additionally, the movie will raise money for charity. For every ticket sold, $1 will be given to F–k Cancer. The film runs from December 12th to Christmas Eve in cinemas.