Hear The “Star Trek: Discovery” Theme

CBS has premiered a new video for its new series “Star Trek: Discovery” featuring composer Jeff Russo and a sixty-piece orchestra playing the show’s new theme song.

Blending the original 1960s show theme with a new one, the result is a notable step up from “Star Trek: Enterprise” and notably avoids comparisons to the J.J. Abrams film series.

Outside the United States, the series will premiere on Netflix and the streaming giant has unveiled an internal study to explore the most frequently re-watched episodes of the shows across its user base and across all 536 hours of the five different pre-Discovery series.

By “re-watched,” Netflix says it means viewers going back to watch at least 6 minutes of an episode they had already viewed in its entirety. They also immediately disqualified the first two episodes of each series because they were, unsurprisingly, easily the most popular.

What’s left is surprising with the Top 10 consisting of six “Star Trek: Voyager” and four “Star Trek: The Next Generation” episodes with the Borg-centric stories dominating including “The Best of Both Worlds,” “Endgame,” “Scorpion” (and its coda “The Gift”), “Dark Frontier” and “Q Who”. The surprising outliers are Voyager’s third episode “Time and Again,” and Next Gen’s “Clues”.

“Star Trek: Discovery” airs in the United States on CBS All Access from Sunday September 24th, and will be released on Netflix in global markets from the following day.