“Green Book” Producer Not A Fan Of Critics

Green Book Producer Not A Fan Of Critics

Criticisms have been lobbed at Best Picture winner “Green Book” for months now, reviews for the film not unfairly dubbing it a “feelgood race-relations drama” which is focused more on entertaining than actually tackling racial politics.

It aims to be a wide appealer that hopes to charm you into liking it, but that’s not the behaviour of one of its producers it has been revealed as at least two film journalists who reviewed the movie have come forward saying the film’s producer Charles B. Wessler contacted them with a long-winded letter slamming their piece.

Jenni Miller, a journalist at NBC, posted a copy of the email she was sent on social media this morning. In his response to her article (read here), Wessler said: “African Americans, for the most part, LOVE this film. I will not go on and on about how wrong you are but you have a big ASS responsibility to write the TRUTH when you write for NBC. You, on the other hand, are writing like a FOX reporter.”

In the wake of that posting, Vanity Fair film critic K Austin Collins also said he had also received a message from Wessler which was “more finger-waggy and longer-winded”. This marks the latest gaffe by the film’s makers which included writer Nick Vallelonga who had to apologise for an old anti-Muslim tweet, and director Peter Farrelly who has had to apologise after accusations of past sexual misconduct.

Source: The Guardian