Giliam’s “Don Quixote” Delayed Again

Terry Giliam’s dream project “The Man Who Killed Don Quixote” can’t catch a break. Fifteen years ago Gilliam had begun to film the project before it fell apart due to a variety of reasons which were chronicled in the documentary “Lost In La Mancha”.

In subsequent years came reports of attempts to remount it which never seemed to really go anywhere. This past Summer things seemed to pick up steam with word that Amazon Studios had come onboard the film and that both Jack O’Connell and John Hurt were set to star.

Now The Times reports that the project has been dealt another blow due and production has reportedly been delayed for a terrible reason – 75 year-old Hurt was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer over the summer.

While the prognosis for Hurt is said to be good, the film’s insurers reportedly want to wait to see how things go before signing off on ‘Quixote’.

Hurt was asked about this development to which he responded: “Terry seems very optimistic that we will start filming soon. Optimism is a good thing.”