First “Picard” Series Character Breakdowns?

First Picard Series Character Breakdowns

Many details about CBS All Access’ upcoming “Star Trek” spin-off series, the one featuring the return of Patrick Stewart as Captain Jean-Luc Picard, remain unknown.

We do know the ten-episode first season is apparently set around the year 2389, a decade after the events of “Star Trek: Nemesis” and twenty years after the end of “Star Trek: The Next Generation”.

Now some more details have emerged via That Hashtag Show which seem to confirm talk that Picard is the only character from the old series that will return for this.

The site reveals that the story is indeed set in the Prime Timeline with the destruction of Romulus two years earlier by a supernova and the subsequent collapse of the Romulan Empire weighing heavily on Picard as he had been closely involved with building a bond between Starfleet’s former enemies and the Federation.

There are also reportedly seven other key characters in the mix:

– Connie. Early 30s African-American woman. Mercenary pilot and widow with a bounty on her head.
– Lawrence. Early 30s man. A thief with a dodgy moral compass, and Picard’s pilot for a mission.
– Starton. Early 30s man. A positronic brain specialist terrified of space travel.
– Dr. Smith. Holographic crewman. Programmed to avoid becoming too self-aware.
– K’Bar. Late teenage male Romulan martial artist extremely devoted to Picard.
– Indira. Early 20s woman. Smart, agile but socially inept and immature.
– Alana. 40s-50s woman. Former intelligence officer – analytical, paranoid, substance abuser.

The site suggests the story will play up into Picard’s love of archaeology with a mission to revolve around some sort of alien artifact that’s been discovered. Production is reportedly set to begin sometime around mid-April with Hanelle Culpepper set to helm the first two episodes of the series.