Eisenberg’s Luthor Cut From “Justice League”?

Back in November, a press release confirmed Jesse Eisenberg would be returning as Lex Luthor in Zack Snyder’s “Justice League” film.

With that film undergoing reshoots under the direction of Joss Whedon, a new rumor from Batman-On-Film suggests that with the film’s new direction, Eisenberg’s few scenes in the DC hero team-up film have now been cut.

This follows on from several reports that Joss Whedon is making major changes to Zack Snyder’s original vision including the ending. Snyder’s still keeping an eye out though and recently posted a behind-the-scenes shot of Jason Momoa as Arthur Curry and titled it “Last shot of Jason in Iceland #JL”.

Momoa is currently at work on “Aquaman” with Nicole Kidman this week posting photos confirmed she’s currently shooting her scenes as Queen Atlanna for James Wan’s comic adaptation. Sadly they were only tourist shots and none of her costume or the set.

In related news, the more supernatural-themed “Justice League” dark is reportedly going back in for a script overhaul. Trade reporter Justin Kroll says “recent presentations by directors underwhelmed execs” and so the project is getting overhauled again.