Depp, Simmons Team For “Black Ghiandola”

Johnny Depp, David Lynch, J.K. Simmons, Laura Dern, Penelope Ann Miller, Richard Chamberlain, Jade Pettyjohn, Chad Coleman, Pritesh Shah and Keith Allan have teamed with filmmakers Sam Raimi, Catherine Hardwicke and Ted Melfi for a unique project – “The Black Ghiandola”.

Made possible though the Make a Film Foundation which grants film wishes for children with serious or life-threatening medical conditions, the zombie short film is the dream of 16-year-old cancer patient Anthony Conti who is facing stage IV adrenal cortical cancer.

Conti plays a young man who risks his life saving a young girl he has grown to love after his family has been killed during a zombie apocalypse. Conti wrote he script with Scott Kosar (“Texas Chainsaw Massacre”) and Wash Westmoreland (“Still Alice”). Tamika Lamison, Adele Rene and Bettina Fisher are producing.

Shot over five days, the three directors took turns behind the camera back in November. The project went from conception to set in one month, all with the help of the aforementioned talent and plenty of others who donated their time.

Source: THR