Cut MCU Scene For “Black Widow” & Box Set

Cut Mcu Scene For Black Widow Box Set

An awards-related article post on Deadline over the weekend seemed to drop a potential spoiler – that Robert Downey Jr. might have a cameo in the upcoming “Black Widow” film at Marvel Studios.

Since then however, a follow-up at indicates the cameo will simply be unused footage of him as Tony Stark from “Captain America: Civil War” rather than any new scenes as the film apparently ties into that time period. The scene in question is reportedly one where Tony confronts her about her betrayal.

The “Black Widow” film serves as an origin tale offering a glimpse into the backstory of the character that went from being a Russian spy to becoming a part of the Avengers.

The talk comes as “Avengers: Endgame” dominated this weekend’s 45th Saturn Awards which honors the best in fantasy, sci-fi, and horror motion pictures, television shows and more. The Marvel Studios feature dominated with six total awards, including best comic-to-motion picture release, best actor (Robert Downey Jr.), best editing, best make-up, best visual effects and best production design.

During the ceremony though, Feige released a clip from the upcoming Avengers Infinity Saga boxset – a deleted scene from the first “Iron Man” with Samuel L. Jackson’s Nick Fury cameo including some extra dialogue relating to other Marvel characters. Check out that clip below: