Critics & Audiences Do Not Like “Serenity”

Critics Audiences Do Not Like Serenity

The new Matthew McConaughey and Anne Hathaway-led “Serenity” is making headlines, but not for the reasons the filmmakers probably hoped.

“Locke” director and “Peaky Blinders” creator Steven Knight created the film which has been marketed as an old school 1990s erotic thriller starring McConaughey as a fishing boat captain in the tropics who is roped into helping his ex-wife kill her abusive new husband.

However, the trailer for the film also suggests something else going on with a mysterious man involved and hints of the film’s reality not being quite right – suggesting some sort of “Dark City,” “Adjustment Bureau” or “Fringe” style high-concept twist.

Now reviews are out and yes, there apparently is a twist and one so audacious only some are going with it. One thing is for sure – both film critics and audiences aren’t fans of the film.

Along with scoring just a 22% (4/10) on Rotten Tomatoes, Friday night polls indicate the movie’s CinemaScore was a D+ – the lowest CinemaScore since “Holmes and Watson” also scored a D+ last month.

Hathaway has already addressed the bad reviews and still endorses the film, while McConaughey gave an interview this week in which he can’t recall being full frontal naked in the movie.