“Captain Marvel” Trailer Beats Cap, Panther

Captain Marvel Trailer Beats Cap Panther

Marvel Studios released the first trailer for the Brie Larson-led “Captain Marvel” on Tuesday morning, and now the first 24 hours viewing figures have been made available.

Turns out demand was high for the clip, with the trailer reportedly pulling in 109 million views in its first 24 hours from a combination of various outlets including YouTube, Facebook and more.

In terms of Marvel films, that was the fourth most watched trailer the studio has put out in its first day – beaten only by two “Avengers: Infinity War” trailers (230M & (179M) and the first “Thor: Ragnarok” trailer (136M), but ahead of the second for “Captain America: Civil War” (95M) and first for “Black Panther” (89M). It’s also the eleventh highest film trailer launch of all time.

“Captain Marvel” is slated to hit cinemas on March 8th 2019.