Burn Gorman Joins “The Expanse”

Burn Gorman Joins The Expanse

“Torchwood” and “Pacific Rim” alum Burn Gorman has scored a key role on the upcoming fourth season of the Syfy-turned-Amazon TV series “The Expanse”.

Announced in a brief video greeting, Gorman will play hard-edged security chief Adolphus Murtry. In the books, he’s the RCE chief of security aboard the Edward Israel, and eventually usurps control of the ‘First Landing’ colony where he establishes ruthless martial law in an attempt to crack down on belter resistance fighters.

Filming on the new season reportedly wraps this week while the third season is coming to Amazon Prime Video from tomorrow. No air date for the fourth season has been scheduled but is likely sometime in the late Summer or early Fall.