Bonham Carter Rumored For “Bond 25” Villain

The British trades lover their James Bond rumors and, on occasion, they do turn out to be true. So one should take the latest one with a grain of salt, but also don’t outright dismiss it.

The Mirror is reporting that Helena Bonham Carter has emerged as the top choice to play the main villain of Daniel Craig’s fifth and final outing as James Bond. Production is gearing up to start towards year’s end with director Danny Boyle helming from a script by John Hodge (and likely himself).

As a result, casting and specific filming dates are expected to start being locked down over the Summer. It’s not confirmed if Craig’s MI6 allies from the last two films – Ben Wishaw’s Q, Naomie Harris’ Miss Moneypenny, and Ralph Fiennes’ M – will carry over but it’s highly likely.

That just leaves the new faces and the British paper says while Craig’s old “Lara Croft: Tomb Raider” co-star Angelina Jolie is thought by many to be the favorite, Carter is the top pick of the film’s producers.

If cast then the actress, who will next be seen in “Ocean’s 8,” will likely have to fit the film around her commitments to the role of Princess Margaret in Netflix’s “The Crown” for its upcoming third and fourth seasons.

The new Bond film is currently targeting a November 2019 release.