Bond Future Unclear Due To MGM Sale?

It looks like the James Bond franchise could be used as bait in a potential studio sale reports THR. The sudden departure of MGM CEO Gary Barber a few weeks ago has led to talk of MGM going on the block and its most valuable property, the Bond franchise, set to be a major selling point of any potential deal.

At last report, it seemed Annapurna had scored the domestic rights to the franchise, but that’s not the case and in fact both domestic and global rights have not yet been decided on. The delay over the decision to not only find a new home for 007 but also to select a new CEO has led to all the potential sell-off talk.

The MGM library generates about $300 million a year in revenue, the Bond franchise is said to be worth between $1-3 billion, and MGM recently purchased Epix which is valued at $1 billion. As a result, a sale price for the studio would be in the $6+ billion range. Sony is said to be interested and has the money for it.

Whatever the case, with production on the next Bond film due to start around year’s end under the helm of Danny Boyle, MGM will have to make a big decision soon about its future.