Bob Iger Talks Disney Streaming Plans

Disney chief Bob Iger has spoken more this week about the company’s planned direct-to-consumer streaming service.

Appearing at the Morgan Stanley Technology, Media & Telecom Conference, Iger says the launch of ESPN Plus a month from now (which offers a version of the sports network for $4.99 a month) will be the beginning of a key cycle for the company. Iger confirms there will be tiered pricing as rights to top-tier sports are solidified and customers will be able to buy seasons, teams, weekends.

It’s the entertainment service launching next year though that everyone’s wondering about. Iger says that disruption to the TV ecosystem have had a “faster and a more profound impact than we ever expected” and so now they plan to “participate in the very business that is doing the disrupting.”

To that end, the studio plans to have four to five original series and another four to five original movies ready for its planned launch in late 2019. He adds: “we’ll have a better sense of what kind of volume we can provide after the Fox transaction closes.”

Source: Deadline