“Blade Runner 2049” Could Lose Studio $80M

Despite the critical acclaim, Denis Villeneuve’s “Blade Runner 2049” notably underwhelmed at the box-office with an opening soft enough that theatrical exhibition stocks plummeted.

Since then there’s been much debate about potential causes for the film’s failure from its long runtime, its marketing approach which played things very vague, and just the general opinion of the “Blade Runner” franchise which has always been a niche movie embraced by cinephiles as opposed to the public at large.

Now, THR reports that Alcon Entertainment and the investors who put their money into the movie are set to lose as much as $80 million on the film. The project had a production budget of $155 million before marketing, which means it needed to earn $400 million worldwide to break even. At present, it stands at just over $240 million in box-office revenue.

Sony is ultimately expected to recoup its $110 million investment in the Alcon production because of the agreement brokered by Sony Motion Picture Group chairman Tom Rothman. It’s thought the film’s losses could be minimized over time if ancillary revenues are particularly strong.

How this will impact Villeneuve’s ambition to adapt “Dune” is unclear at this point.