A Lord & Miller “Solo” Trailer Exists?

We’ll never see Gareth Edwards’ “Rogue One” rough cut, or a bunch of footage that Zack Snyder shot for “Justice League,” and a rumor has surfaced today of another recent troubled film production and a ‘holy grail’ that fans my want to check out – an early “Solo: A Star Wars Story” trailer.

A new report from Screen Crush indicates that an early trailer for the film, featuring only footage from the film’s original directors Phil Lord and Chris Miller and their version of the movie, was not only assembled but ready to screen at last year’s Star Wars Celebration in Orlando. Their source says:

“Lucasfilm had created a Solo trailer to show at Star Wars Celebration, assembled from the footage from Lord and Miller’s shoot. They just chose not to screen it. According to my source, the trailer was cut together and then shelved for exactly the same reasons that Lord and Miller were let go two months later; Lucasfilm wasn’t happy with it.”

The pair were booted off the project three weeks before filming was supposed to wrap and were eventually replaced by Oscar-winning director Ron Howard who reshot a significant portion of it. At the time of “Star Wars Celebration” though, there were no hints as to potential turmoil involving the project with the assumption being Lucasfilm just wasn’t ready to show anything yet.

The “Solo: A Star Wars Story” film we did end up with is now in cinemas.