Zemeckis To Helm Sci-Fi Feature “Ares”

Zemeckis To Helm Sci Fi Feature Ares

“Back to the Future” and “Contact” director Robert Zemeckis is returning to the sci-fi genre.

The Oscar-winning director is in advanced negotiations to helm “Ares,” a sci-fi project that was set up in recent months at Warner Bros. Pictures.

The story follows an astronaut who survives his space capsule’s crash landing in an African desert but begins to suspect his mission was in service of a conspiracy that hides a secret with world-changing ramifications.

Zemeckis would be working off an original script by “Captain Marvel” co-writer Geneva Robertson-Dworet. Zemeckis will produce along with Jack Rapke, Steve Starkey, Kristin Winkler, Dan Lin & Jonathan Eirich. Roland Emmerich will executive produce.

Source: Deadline