Woodley Is Out Of The “Divergent” Finale

Shailene Woodley has previously said she had no interest in following the “Divergent” series to television, but remained hesitant on a flat out refusal. Not anymore.

Appearing on the red carpet for HBO’s “Big Little Lies” series on Tuesday, the actress was asked by Vanity Fair if she’d be involved with the final installment in the young adult film franchise to which she flatly responded: “No. I’m not going to be on the television show.”

“Allegiant,” the third film in the “Divergent” series, was a major box-office disappointment which has seen producers reconsider the franchise capper’s potential as a made for TV movie. Said telemovie would also serve as a backdoor pilot for a spin-off series.

No further details have been revealed about the proposed production schedule of the series or its pilot at this point.