Watanabe Leads Japanese “Fugitive” Remake

Watanabe Leads Japanese Fugitive Remake

“Inception” and “Godzilla” star Ken Watanabe is set to take on the Richard Kimble role in a Japanese TV remake of “The Fugitive” being developed by Warner Bros. International Television Production and Asahi network.

The one-off program celebrates TV Asahi’s 60th anniversary and shifts the story action to present-day Tokyo just before the opening of the 2020 Tokyo Olympics.

Watanabe plays Kazuki Kakurai, an elite surgeon whose wife is murdered and he’s arrested and sentenced to death despite his insistence that a man with a prosthetic hand is the culprit.

When the van taking him to prison meets with an accident, Kakurai escapes and while on the run, he tries to prove his innocence. David Janssen played the lead role in the original 1960s TV series, and Harrison Ford took on the part in the 1993 film.

Action veteran Seiji Izumi helms and Kazuhiko Fujimoto produces the project with the latter saying: “we are going to make a special drama on an unprecedented scale that will be the definitive version of ‘The Fugitive’.”

Source: Variety