Villeneuve’s “Dune” Remake Is Ages Away

Filmmaker Denis Villeneuve has not only received great acclaim for his work, he’s also notable for consistently turning out films. In 2013 he had both “Prisoners” and “Enemy,” in 2015 it was “Sicario,” last year it was “Arrival” and this year it’s “Blade Runner 2049”.

That’s a lot of films in a short space of time, and each one an increasing technical challenge. His next effort is the new film adaptation of Frank Herbert’s iconic sci-fi saga “Dune” and Villeneuve reveals that he’s taking a brief respite to catch his breath before he begins work on that. He tells Cinema Blend:

“The problem right now, and something I want to change, I worked very fast. I did Prisoners, and then after that, in the past six years I have done five movies — which is not a good idea! It’s too fast. And I learned a lot, I learned so much, for the time now I need just a little time to digest. After Blade Runner, as I’m working on Dune, I would love to just digest and then come back with more energy for Dune with fresh ideas. I need that right now! And so I need distance a little bit.”

Villeneuve still has months of post-production work on the new “Blade Runner” so he won’t get much of a break until late into the year. Villeneuve only signed on for the project back in December, but this has long been a passion project of his:

“Dune is a novel that I read when I was a teenager, and I was engulfed. I was [transported] by Dune for years. When I finished Prisoners, when I came to Hollywood I made a movie called Prisoners, and I said to myself, ‘It will be a one shot experience, but I will enjoy it.’ And it went well, and the producers at Alcon [Entertainment] asked me after that, ‘What would you like to do? Is there one thing you’d like to do?’ And I said, ‘Dune.’ Spontaneously. I know there was competition to get the rights, but I always said to myself, and I’m saying it to you, I can’t believe it will be a thing. There’s no screenplay right now, but that will be my dream!”

“Dune” remains in the earliest stages of development with no release date yet locked.