New Details On The Future Of “Kingsman”

Vaughn Details The Future Of Kingsman

Despite their sale to Disney, we know 20th Century Fox has more plans for its “Kingsman” franchise and there has been talk of a prequel, another sequel and a spin-off TV series.

However there has not really been a clear timetable regarding all these so far. That changes today as Collider spoke with sources close to director Matthew Vaughn, who helmed the first two films, and explains how they are proceeding.

First up is the prequel, “Kingsman: The Great Game,” which Vaughn will helm and will begin a near five-month shoot in London in January. It has been dubbed much more of a period drama as opposed to an action movie, one about ‘the man who would be Kingsman’ and will show world history through the eyes of the service.

Vaughn is also writing a third instalment in the main series, bringing back Taron Egerton and Colin Firth. The script is close to done and the project will shoot after Vaughn has a short break following the aforementioned prequel’s wraparound May. This film will conclude Eggsy and Harry’s story.

Less progressed is the TV series which is planning to not be anything like what people are expecting. No word on when it might potentially go into production.