Uwe Boll’s Next Film Is Literally Torture

German film director Uwe Boll has gone from annoying all minorities to outright abusing just one with his next film “Auschwicz”.

Boll has established a strong reputation for delivering some of the worst cinema made in recent years. From “Alone in the Dark” which cast Tara Reid as an archaeologist and museum curator, to “Bloodrayne” with its stand-up sex scene through the bars of a jail door.

Let us also not forget “In the Name of the King” which cast Jason Statham as a farmer with the imaginative name ‘Farmer’ and a magical boomerang for a weapon. That was of course back when people were giving him insane budgets and he had decent stars in his films. These days Boll is churning out several films a year but no-one is caring much anymore.

Now, a short teaser trailer has emerged for “Auschwicz” (found via Twitchfilm), a kind of Holocaust-sploitation film which starts off with Boll himself in a Nazi uniform playing a disaffected sentry outside a train carriage full of naked prisoners. From there it descends into a disturbing mash of graphic teeth pulling and child cremation.

One should be shocked, but coming from the guy who did the likes of “Postal” and “House of the Dead”, sensitivity isn’t something you’d expect.