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Tv News Lightning Fighter Musical Ninth

Black Lightning
Comedian Wayne Brady has signed on to star as Tyson Spikes, aka Gravedigger, in the third season of The CW’s “Black Lightning”. Spikes is described as a World War II-era member of the U.S. military who became a ‘super solider’ after a secret experiment gifted him with enhanced strength, agility, smarts and melee skills.

He defected to Markovia after the war rather than return to his segregated home and his goal to create a sovereign land for metahumans within Markovia sets him on a collision course with Black Lightning and the ASA. The series returned on Monday on The CW. [Source: Coming Soon]

American Fighter
The CW has put in development “American Fighter,” a drama from writer Tory Walker (“Psych”), Juniper Place Productions and CBS Television Studios. The story revolves around JoJo Raines, a young woman living a dead end life who vents her frustrations with her fists in stupid fights of her own making.

Then she gets into it with the wrong people and is assigned community service at the veteran’s rehabilitation hospital. There she meets a wounded warrior who teaches her how to hone her aggression in the form of MMA fighting. Through her training, she begins to find a sense of purpose and even a possible future. [Source: Deadline]

High School Musical
ABC, Freeform and Disney Channel will screen the first episode of “High School Musical: The Musical: The Series” a few days before the streaming platform goes online on the new streaming platform Disney+.

The series, shot in documentary style, follows a new class of students at East High, the Utah school where the original movie was filmed. The show will get an on-air preview on Disney Channel, ABC and Freeform on Friday November 8th ahead of the streaming platform’s Tuesday November 12th launch. [Source: The Live Feed]

The Ninth House
Amazon Studios has beat out HBO and Hulu and bought the rights to Leigh Bardugo’s occult fantasy novel “The Ninth House”. Bardugo is attached to write the adaptation and executive produce.

The story is set at an alternate version of Yale where eight entombed secret societies guard dangerous, magical secrets and ghosts haunt the campus. As a means to hold these eight societies in check, there exists a ninth house which acts as a way to balance of powers of these eight other houses. [Source: Hypable]