Trailer: Dee Rees’ “Mudbound” On Netflix

Netflix has released the trailer and announced a November 17th premiere date for “Mudbound,” their highest profile acquisition from Sundance back in January. “Mudbound” was arguably the second most talked about movie of the festival behind only “Call Me By Your Name”.

As such it’s also being seen as a potential major awards contender and arguably the best chance the streaming giant has at the Oscars this year. “Pariah” helmer Dee Rees directs the period tale starring Carey Mulligan as a woman trying to raise her children on the Mississippi Delta farm of her husband (Jason Clarke).

In the midst of the family’s struggles, two young men return from the war to work the land. One is her charming and handsome but PTSD-riddled brother-in-law (Garrett Hedlund), the other is the eldest son (Jason Mitchell) of the black sharecroppers who battles the prejudice in the Jim Crow South. Mary J. Blige co-stars in the film adapted from a novel by Hillary Jordan.