Third “Kingsman” Potentially Gets A Helmer

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Jon S. Baird (“Stan & Ollie,” “Gilth”) has been hired to co-write and direct a currently untitled project for Matthew Vaughn’s Marv Films – the company best known for the “Kingsman” and “Kick Ass” franchises.

Whilst his hiring has been confirmed, it has not been officially revealed what project it is for though speculation is high that he’s in line to helm the third “Kingsman” feature – which would make him the first person other than Vaughn to take the helm of one of the films.

Vaughn is currently in the midst of post-production on the Kingsman prequel “The King’s Man” opening early next year and had previously expressed a desire to helm it and a proper third film in the series back-to-back.

A few months ago, Baird was announced as director on the Mel Gibson-Shia LaBeouf led “Rothchild”. It now seems he’s ditched that in favor of this new Marv Films project which will be moving forward soon. Given Vaughn’s likely busy schedule preventing him from moving on “Kingsman 3” for a good year or so – the hiring of Baird to take the helm (while Vaughn produces) seems logical.

Marv is also said to be developing a “Kick-Ass” reboot, a “Statesman” movie and a “Kingsman” TV series but all are still in early development.

Source: Deadline