“Terminator” Opening Action Was Far Longer

Terminator Dark Fate Images Featurette

“Terminator: Dark Fate” has opened to better reviews than the franchise’s last few entries, one of the reasons being some of the relentless and brutal action sequences with several of them running quite long.

One of the biggest happens early on involving an escape from a factory that turns into a road chase across Mexican highways. Natalia Reyes’ Dani Ramos is the target being hunted in this film and soon she and her brother Diego are in a pickup truck being protected by Mackenzie Davis’ Grace and being pursued by the Rev-9 Terminator (Gabriel Luna) in a dump truck.

The entire sequence runs for what feels like a good ten to fifteen minutes, but speaking about the film with Cinema Blend recently the movie’s director Tim Miller tells CinemaBlend the original cut was almost double the length of what we see in the final film.

“Well, this may be difficult to believe, but that’s about half as long as I originally pre-viz’d it; because after the car accident there was actually a whole motorcycle chase, and another pickup [truck] thing in an earlier version of it. And then I decided I was going a little too far.”

Miller was also acutely aware of the fact that he didn’t want to play too close to the film series’ playbook as the new film was trying to balance the fan service with the new stuff:

“As a fan of the franchise, I feel like I have a good barometer on what’s bad fan service and what’s good fan service. Like what do I want to see as a fan versus, ‘Ok, that’s just, Hasta la Vista, baby. Check it off.’ That we’re all probably better off not having.”

“Terminator: Dark Fate” is in cinemas everywhere now.