“South Park” Scrubbed From Chinese Internet

South Park Scrubbed From Chinese Internet

The Chinese government has reportedly deleted all clips, episodes and discussions of the Comedy Central series “South Park” following the show’s most recent episode “Band in China”.

The episode in question featured a pair of storylines that critiqued and mocked Hollywood’s habit of shaping its content to avoid offending Chinese government censors and social media platforms.

China boasts a highly regulated internet landscape and the series has reportedly become conspicuously absent everywhere it recently had a presence. A search on Weibo similarly turns up not a single mention of “South Park” among the billions of past posts.

In addition, all links to clips, episodes and even full seasons of the show on streaming service Youku are now dead. While Tieba, China’s largest online discussions platform, has closed threads and sub-threads related to the series.

One of the episode’s storylines sees Randy getting caught attempting to sell weed in China and getting sent to a work camp where he runs into an imprisoned Winnie the Pooh (the Chinese government has been known to aggressively censor Winnie the Pooh).

A second storyline follows Stan, Jimmy, Kenny and Butters forming a metal band. A manager wants to make a film about them, but the script keeps changing so that the film can safely be distributed in China. The episode also takes shots at Disney.

Source: THR