Sky Doco Channels Snag Wahlberg, Attenborough

Sky Doco Channels Snag Wahlberg Attenborough

Mark Wahlberg and David Attenborough, now there’s an unexpected team-up. Sadly both will only be working for the same pay TV provider rather than on the same project.

Comcast’s pay TV service Sky will add two new factual program channels to its U.K. line-up – Sky Documentaries and Sky Nature – which will both launch this spring in both linear and on-demand formats and on Sky’s streamer NOW TV.

Sky Documentaries will feature the Wahlberg-produced “McMillions” from HBO along with “Tiger Woods: The Comeback,” Showtime’s “The Kingmaker,” Andrew Rossi’s “After Truth” and more.

Sky Nature will feature the existing David Attenborough collection, as well as new originals “Extreme Animals: One Wild Day,” “Extreme Animals: Life’s First Steps,” “Amazing Animal Friends” and “Wild Tales From the Farm”.

Source: Variety