Singer & Donner Talk “X-Men” Future

Director Bryan Singer and producer Lauren Shuler Donner talked with The Los Angeles Times about the upcoming spin-off feature “X-Men: First Class” and the future of the franchise on the whole.

Of ‘First Class’, Singer revealed it will deal with the point where the friendship soured between Professor X and Magneto due to their different philosophies as well as Xavier’s establishment of the school. Singer says “Just doing younger mutants is not enough. The story needs to be more than that. I love the relationship between Magneto and Xavier, these two men who have diametrically opposite points of view but still manage to be friends — to a point.”

Singer is in demand by those involved, not only does Donner want him for a full-on fourth “X-Men” ensemble film but a recent dinner Singer had with Hugh Jackman sounded like the Aussie actor was trying to get Singer involved on the “Wolverine” sequel as well.

When Donner brings up the subject of X4 in the interview, Singer turned to her and said “Hold that one off for just a little, I’m fixated on the other one right now” to which she responded “I will, I will … I’m holding it open with high hopes. It’s totally different [First Class] and it will be so interesting for you.”