Samsung Debuts Vertical TVs With Sero

Samsung Debuts Vertical Tvs With Sero

Samsung has unveiled a 43-inch QLED TV titled ‘The Sero’ which can be flipped around 90 degrees.

The ability was designed specifically to allow users to watch Instagram, Snapchat and other smartphone videos in their native vertical configurations along with mirroring content from you phone paired over NFC.

In horizontal mode, it works as a regular TV with 4.1 channel, 60 watt sound, Bixby control and more. Samsung says the aim is to “diversify its lineup” and in this case appealing directly to the “mobile-loving millennials” market.

Samsung hasn’t said if The Sero would come to the US, but it’ll be available in Korea at the end of May for around USD $1,630.

Source: Engadget