Routh Is Mr. Rogers In “Legends” S5 Trailer

Routh Is Mr Rogers In Legends S5 Trailer

While many of the Arrowverse shows often struggle past to match the highs of their first or second season, “DC’s Legends of Tomorrow” has done the opposite.

A problematic debut season has led to increasingly stronger subsequent years as the show found its footing by doubling down on its unique embrace of the absurd, often just running with the subversive and the crazy as far as it can take it.

Now the show returns in January for a fifth season with the fifth and final part of the upcoming “Crisis on Infinite Earths” event series set to serve as the new season’s opener. Today The CW has released the first trailer for the new season which includes Brandon Routh spoofing the current Mister Rogers craze before a feast of wild imagery ensures.

The Legends appear in “Crisis on Infinite Earths” which runs December 8th-10th and on January 14th before the new season of ‘Legends’ kicks off proper on January 21st.