Ronin, Woman Become TV Series

MGM has greenlit a number of fictional series based on two of their feature film properties says The Hollywood Reporter.

The pair include the Robert De Niro 1998 crime thriller “Ronin,” and the Meryl Streep/Jeremy Irons romancer “The French Lieutenant’s Woman”.

Co-produced with the BBC in London, “Ronin” will be reconfigured as a series and will likely be shot in Europe with an American lead. ‘Woman’ will be expanded into a four hours miniseries using material from the John Fowles novel that didn’t make it into the movie.

MGM’s TV department is also in discussions with Level One (“Star Trek”) about developing several series, will produce a Walter Hill-directed Irish mob series set in Boston for Spike TV, and have also optioned the British graphic novel “The Many Worlds of Jonas Moore” about a black action hero in Britain.