Roadshow Acquires “Myst” Film & TV Rights

Roadshow Acquires Myst Film Tv Rights

Australia’s Village Roadshow Entertainment Group, which has often co-produced projects with Warner Bros. Pictures, have acquired the film and television rights to the famed 1993 PC adventure puzzle video game “Myst”.

The company plans to mine the deep mythology of the franchise to develop a multiplatform universe across film and television, both in scripted and unscripted formats. The plan is for a “full-scale approach” to develop content, with the company’s entire creative team is being utilised.

Five games in the series have been produced, selling over 15 million copies worldwide since their initial release. The first remains one of the most famous games of all time and sold 6 million copies on its own – remaining the top-selling PC release for nearly a decade until “The Sims” in 2002.

The games’ canon spans millennia and blends mythology and history. “Myst” co-creators and brothers Rand and Ryan Miller will develop and produce the projects with Roadshow, as will Isaac Testerman and Yale Rice.

Source: Heat Vision