Ridley Scott’s “Confirm Nor Deny” Sets Scribe

Dave Collard (“Out of Time,” “Annapolis”) has been hired to script the CIA thriller “Neither Confirm Nor Deny” for Scott Free Films and New Sparta Films.

The story details the aftermath of the Soviet nuclear submarine K-129 sinking in the Pacific Ocean in 1968 in 16,000 feet of water. Despite a massive secret search, the Soviets never found it.

However, the Americans located it and the CIA hatched ‘Azorian’, the code name for a six-year operation to bring up the sub and its secrets including a cover story involving ocean mining fronted by reclusive billionaire Howard Hughes.

When the press blew their cover, the agency’s official response was the now universally known phrase: “We can neither confirm nor deny.” Collard will adapt the script from David H. Sharp’s book “The CIA’s Greatest Covert Operation: Inside the Daring Mission to Recover a Nuclear-Armed Soviet Sub.”

Scott, Kevin Walsh, Christopher Simon and Maggie Monteith will produce – no director is yet set.

Source: Variety