Review: “Super Troopers”

There’s something funny about this new FOX comedy which was major success at Sundance last year. On the surface it does look like a forgettable attempt to update those 70’s/80’s screwball comedies ala “Animal House” or “Police Academy” complete with frat boy humour, warning of an impending shut down and lots of slapstick antics usually with a sexual or drug connotation.

Indeed there isn’t anything in this that hasn’t been done one way or another before and more often than not the jokes do misfire. However, don’t be too quick to write it off either. What in the end works is the actors – the Broken Lizard group have a visible on-screen chemistry and talent for comedy.

The script and the other actors seem to know each other’s strengths and weaknesses and so play to that well with some jokes turning out better because of it. Indeed the writing and directing is also pretty good when it isn’t deliberately trying to dumb down certain aspects and whilst there’s a few misfire gags the great thing is the jokes just keep coming throughout the entire runtime thick and fast.

This means laughs are to be had quite often whether it be a brilliant opening sequence with a group of stoners in a car, to just the inane such as the ‘moustache ride’ scene or where the superbly funny Steve Lemme takes a speed camera to his own masturbating. Definitely aimed at the college crowd only I’m afraid, but that demographic will love it and this comedy group is indeed one to keep an eye out on.