Review: “Malibu’s Most Wanted”

Sometimes as a film critic its hard to control yourself from writing hundreds of words about a movie, however there are also times when its difficult writing more than two dozen. Malibu is one of the latter, a truly woeful feature comedy based on a character from “The Jamie Kennedy Experiment” sketch comedy show, ‘Malibu’ joins the likes of some of the weaker SNL skit-turned-film efforts such as “A Night at the Roxbury” and “The Ladies Man” in the “Why in the hell did they even bother” department. The ultra-slim plot is painfully long at 86 minutes and there’s a constant struggle to fill it with even a remote laugh.

Kennedy himself is a limited appeal performer – when he has an interesting character he can play it superbly well, trouble is the character here has zero appeal. Not only is it a one-joke gag done over and over which gets quickly annoying, but attempts to develop and change him ring false throughout.

This white rapper though gets a small amount of redemption from the three other major cast members – Taye Diggs, Anthony Anderson and Regina Hall. Diggs doesn’t do comedy much but plays off Anderson quite well here as two unemployed actors forced to go low-brow and pose as gangstas, though Anderson feels restrained and has done much funnier stuff recently. Hall makes a likeable female lead performer and does well with an essentially underwritten role.

With such little in the way of a script, poor old Director John Whitesell does his best but even he mistimes a couple of gags whilst usually funny celeb cameos just fall flat. So much more time should’ve been spent on the script to at least try making the gags work and more importantly the characters appealing. The kidnapped storyline could actually have lead to more laughs and the Diggs/Anderson schtick actually does work. Still, as comedies go this is just simply bad, not insulting or vile (ala “Just Married”) – those who like JKX will probably get some laughs out of this but won’t be coming back anytime soon.