R.I.P. Peter Fonda

R I P Peter Fonda

The “Easy Rider” himself, Peter Fonda, has died – the famed actor passing away at 79 from lung cancer.

Fonda had an interesting childhood – a difficult and distant relationship with his famous father Henry Fonda, he accidentally shot himself in the stomach and nearly died on his 11th birthday,

He made his Hollywood debut in 1963 with “Tammy and the Doctor” co-starring Sandra Dee along with WW2 drama “The Victors” the same year followed by Robert Rossen’s “Lilith” in which he received acclaim. He turned biker for Roger Corman in 1966’s “The Wild Angels” and a role in the Jack Nicholson-penned “The Trip”.

Fonda and Dennis Hopper then conceived, co-wrote with Terry Southern and raised the finance for counterculture hit “Easy Rider” which made over $60 million worldwide over three years from a $400,000 budget.

Fonda tried directing in the 1970s with ” The Hired Hand,” “Idaho Transfer” and “Wanda Nevada” and stuck mostly to fairly forgettable fare with the odd exception until 1997’s low-key drama “Ulee’s Gold” for which his performance scored an Oscar nomination.

In later years he was in Steven Soderbergh’s “The Limey,” the “3:10 to Yuma” remake, the comedy “Wild Hogs” and the Nic Cage-led “Ghost Rider”. Other films during his life included “The Cannonball Run,” “Dirty Mary Crazy Larry,” “Race with the Devil,” “Open Season,” “Futureworld,” “92 in the Shade,” and “The Diamond Mercenaries”.

Fonda is survived by his third wife, Parky (Margaret) DeVogelaere, whom he married in 2011. Also by his sister Jane and his children Justin and Bridget, the latter retiring from acting in 2002.

Source: Rolling Stone