Pearce, McDonagh Team For “War on Everyone”?

Irish filmmaker Jon Michael McDonagh, the man behind the brilliant black comedy “The Guard” and the upcoming “Calvary,” recently spoke with The Playlist about his next directorial effort “War On Everyone”.

As previously reported, Michael Pena and Garret Hedlund are attached to star in the film about two corrupt cops who blackmail criminals, until they cross paths with a villain more dangerous than they are. McDonagh describes it as “‘The French Connection’ but with more jokes” and was asked about the casting of the villain:

“I haven’t actually cast it yet… I’ve been talking to Guy Pearce. The villain is basically a completely degenerate Lord who takes heroin and sets up robberies, but then he turns out to be a lot darker than we thought and it goes into a very dark area towards the end of the movie. So that would be tonally a trick line to walk.”

The project marks the filmmaker’s first movie to shoot outside of Ireland. His regular cohort Brendan Gleeson will not be involved in this, but the pair do plan to reunite for a third time for what they dub their ‘Glorified Suicide trilogy’:

“I don’t want Brendan to get too reliant on me writing great scripts just for him. I want him to go away and work on a couple of bad movies and then come back begging me to do the final part of the trilogy.”