New “Hellboy” Photo, Film Has No Origin Story

New Hellboy Photo Film Has No Origin Story

More details about director Neil Marshall’s “Hellboy” reboot have emerged ahead of the film’s new trailer launch tomorrow. EW has released the new still which you can see above and say David Harbour’s version of the character here is hairier, angstier, and more immature than Ron Perlman’s take.

He also is unaware of the powers of his right hand and begins to learn the truth about it over the course of the film, testing his already-strained relationship with his adopted dad Trevor Bruttenholm (Ian McShane). Harbour says:

“It’s not an origin story, but it’s his coming to terms with where he came from. He’s been Hellboy for a long time, but there’s a new turn of events at the start of the film, where people start to bring up the fact that he might bring about the end of the world, and it’s really the first time he’s heard anything like that. The question that comes up in the movie is where does he really belong?”

The photo above also includes Major Ben Daimio (Daniel Dae Kim) and Alice Monaghan (Sasha Lane), the latter retains a connection to the magical world after being kidnapped by fairies as a child.