New “Battlefield” Gets Loot Boxes At Launch

Electronic Arts and DICE will reportedly include premium loot boxes in the upcoming “Battlefield” game due out this fall according to US Gamer.

The game will reportedly contain cosmetic-only loot boxes as a way to both help bolster EA’s profits and also not try to anger gamers. The outlet was reportedly told by a source: “Loot boxes are back but cosmetic only. Way more customization options for your soldiers than previous games.”

This is slightly different from “Battlefield 1” which did contain loot boxes, but those were added in post-launch. It’s also a risky choice as EA is still being closely watched following the debacle over the “Star Wars: Battlefront II” loot box and microtransaction controversy.

On top of that is the near future uncertainty over the use of them in gaming due to lawmakers prepping bills which will both curb their inclusion and more heavily regulate the industry as the boxes could well fall under the restrictions that also apply to standard casino gambling.

Details of the new “Battlefield” are expected shortly ahead of a late 2018 launch.