McQuarrie Denies DC Superhero Film Rumor

Mcquarrie Denies Dc Superhero Film Rumor

One rumor that has popped up in recent months has been that “Mission: Impossible” filmmaker Christopher McQuarrie wasn’t just interested but actually on the verge of signing on to direct a major DC Comics tentpole movie at Warner Bros. Pictures.

So, when it was announced the other day he and Tom Cruise were getting back together for two brand-new “Mission: Impossible” films to be shot back-to-back, and when the rumor got so far that trades included mention of McQuarrie considering a DC superhero film, upset fans got angry and began speculating wildly about what that project might have been.

On Twitter, McQuarrie has gotten so fed up with speculation he’s set the record straight, tweeting out: “The stories you’re reading are not accurate. That’s all I can say…. You should really assume nothing. Anything you hear or hope about DC is horses–t if you’re not hearing it from me.”

McQuarrie’s scorecard is now booked through 2021 and sadly what hasn’t been revealed is what impact this will have on the proposed “Edge of Tomorrow” sequel. Meanwhile DC movie rumors are continuing apace including continued speculation of actor Jack O’Connell being considered for Matt Reeves’ “The Batman” and The Penguin serving as one of several villains in that film.

Source: Twitter