Marvel Chief On “Eternals” Scale, Disney+ Tie-Ins

Feige Cast Tease Marvels Eternals Plans

Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige showed up at Brazil’s CCXP expo over the weekend and now some more comments the MCU mastermind made during interviews there have gone online.

Omlete reports that Feige has confirmed the “Eternals” film spans 7,000 years of human history and will have “cosmic connotations, and changes everything we know about the MCU”. The Chloe Zhao-directed project is “ambitious” and runs across “all sorts of locations and time periods and really feels like nothing we’ve done before”.

Asked about the possible inclusion of the Celestials and the Deviants, Feige confirmed both are included with the Celestials set as a ‘big part’ of the story:

“We will see the Celestials in their full, true, enormous power in Eternals, yes. Deviants are in the film. The Deviants in the comic book mythology were…extremely important plans of the Celestials…and we will see Deviants that look unlike anything we’ve seen in the comics. This is a new form of Deviants that we’ll see in the movie.”

He also confirms The Eternals know about the existence of the Avengers “but the Avengers don’t know much about the Eternals…yet”. Feige also has only high praise for Zhao’s hand at the helm, saying: “She’s a giant fan of the MCU. A giant fan of cinema. And is an incredible filmmaker that has brought a new look and a new vision to the MCU.”

Feige teases that planning for the next great MCU multi-movie super arc is already happening: “The MCU is all interconnected and we like to focus on one movie at a time…and keep evolving their stories. And yes, it’s always fun to see them come together in a master plan that I promise you is well underway.”

That will heavily involve the multiverse which Feige says is “the next step in the evolution of the MCU” and the “Doctor Strange” sequel is going to crack it open in ways that will have repercussions for movies after it “in a big fun way”.

“Eternals” is targeting a November 6th 2020 release.