“Wonder Woman 1984” Goes Practical & More

Wonder Woman 1984 Wraps Filming

In the wake of the “Wonder Woman 1984” trailer launch over the weekend at Brazil’s CCXP convention, more quotes from director Patty Jenkins have come online regarding both the film and the overall franchise at Warner Bros. Pictures.

First up, Jenkins confirms to Collider that the first cut of the film came in at 165 minutes and with it having completed shooting a while back, Jenkins has already finished the film a full six months out from release. As a result, she has time to tinker around with it and she’s exploiting that:

“We’re done. The movie is done. Because it doesn’t come out for a few months, for the first time in my career, which is so great, I was able to say, ‘Hey guys, can you let me fiddle with this? Can you let me fiddle with that?’ So I’m fiddling but the movie is technically done.

I’m actually sitting around. [Usually] you just end and you’re done. This time I’m actually sitting around and saying, ‘What if I can do a different version of that shot? Can I try a different one?’ It’s incredible. I’m sitting in an editing room right now playing and seeing if I can pitch back something that I like better.

That’s incredible. I’ve never gotten to do that in my life. And if we don’t change anything, we don’t change anything. But if we find something we like then we’ll do that. You know? It’s pretty incredible.”

She says little has changed since the first cut except for a little tightening of some scenes which suggests it’ll clock in at a runtime only a little shorter than the first cut. Jenkins also says she has a third “Wonder Woman” already planned out:

“We actually already know the whole story to [Wonder Woman 3] and then some because there is an Amazon [spinoff] movie as well and so we already have it all mapped out. It’s just a matter of will we change our minds and when.”

That it’s already planned is not a shock, Jenkins previously revealed that the storyline and idea for the second film was decided upon whilst they were working on the first, saying “the message of this movie [WW1984] is something that I deeply believe in” and so she had a clear theme in place with which to approach the story.

With the 1984 setting decided, the plan was to do a film that not so much a nostalgic throwback to that era but rather like the tentpole films of the time:

“We literally set out to do something that I may never get to do again, which is to say, let’s not make a movie that’s ‘funny haha, the 80s,’ let’s make a grand tentpole like they made in the 80s so it’s as if you – I want it to feel like you’re seeing a movie in the 80s.”

As a result of that, the team committed to doing as many stunts and effects as practically as possible with “almost all of our stunts and our fights” done practically in locations around the world. That includes “some of the most extensive, incredible wire work that nobody’s ever done before because no one has ever tried” and enlisting the help of Cirque de Soleil to work with the film crew.

Another shoot involved shutting down Pennsylvania Avenue in Washington DC and laying out wires and rigs for miles for a sequence so it allowed actress Gal Gadot to run the same speed that Usain Bolt ran in the Olympics.

Gal Gadot, Chris Pine, Kristen Wiig and Pedro Pascal star in the film which opens in June next year.