HBO Max Plans For Twice The Disney+ Content

Hbo Max Plans For Twice The Disney Content

Speaking at the UBS Global TMT Conference on Tuesday morning, AT&T COO John Stankey discussed the differences between the upcoming HBO Max streaming service and the now in the wild Disney+ service.

Disney is a brand for kids and families, HBO is a brand known for prestige adult-targeted fare and so has “skew[ed] a little bit higher on socioeconomic and age demographics” than others says Stankey.

With HBO Max, the company is aiming to bring that down a bit – offering broader fare that’s more appealing to the whole household from the little ones through to those well past puberty:

“Disney+ is a good product. They’ve done a nice job. It has a particular appeal. The strongest appeal for Disney+ is to the youth of the family. Its strength as a product to satisfy the other members of the family, it’s not that deep.

There’s stuff that’s interesting to adults in the offer and there’s stuff that’s probably interesting to your 20-something and 30-something-year-old members of your family. But it’s not all that deep in that regard.

[HBO Max] is a product that appeals to the entire family and the family wireless plan. It’s something that every member of the family looks at and says, ‘That has something in it for me… I see myself in that offering.'”

Stankey also justifies the higher price point due to the Warner backed HBO Max having much more content available: “Disney was kind of like about half of the content of what we have at half the price. We’re twice the content of what we currently have [on traditional HBO] at the same price.”

HBO Max will be free to AT&T premium video customers, meaning many of the current 33 million U.S. subscribers to HBO will automatically be upgraded to HBO Max.

Source: Deadline