Luhrmann Steps Back From “Get Down” Role

Filmmaker Baz Luhrmann has admitted to Vulture he has no real desire to return for another season of “The Get Down” after developing the two parts of the first season for Netflix.

The series is famously one of the most expensive ever made with the budget estimated to be at a whopping $16 million per episode. Part of that was due to Luhrmann stepping up from a more sidelined executive producer role to serving as showrunner and a very involved one at that.

Luhrmann says Sony and Netflix have developed the beginning of a second season and will probably happen with or without his direct involvement. If he did return it would have to be in a reduced capacity (ie. what he originally was going to be), and that he has someone in mind for his replacement. He tells Vulture:

“I won’t say who it was, but there is an African-American director who is absolutely the best of the best for this, and always was. I tried to get him involved and I couldn’t. I don’t want to be tease-y, but we’re all trying to hope to make that work out.”

The second half of the first season recently went online on the streamer.