Lady Gaga Rumored For “Little Shop of Horrors”

Lady Gaga Rumored For Little Shop Of Horrors

A few years ago came the announcement that Warner Bros. Pictures was working on a new film adaptation of celebrated musical “Little Shop of Horrors” with Greg Berlanti set to direct from a script by Matthew Robinson.

That project seemed to have stalled with not a word about it for some time until late July when the project came up as one of the recipients of California’s Film & Television Tax Credit Program. A requirement of receiving that credit is the project has to begin production sooner rather than later or risk losing millions in potential savings.

Today, Collider has revealed the first potential casting rumors for the project. The first is that “Pose” star Billy Porter is allegedly being eyed to voice the man-eating plant Audrey II. At the same time albeit less concrete, Lady Gaga is rumored to be taking on the role of Seymour’s love interest Audrey.

Former “Captain America” actor Chris Evans has also apparently lobbied for the role of the sadistic dentist whom Steve Martin played in the 1986 Frank Oz-directed film which itself was an adaptation of the 1982 stage musical which was based on Roger Corman’s original 1960 film.

This new take will also be a musical and is said to be based on an original idea from James Corden, who is producing.